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Kerr Civil Process is a process serving company with base offices in Austin and San Antonio, TX.  Though we specialize in Texas service, we have a network of process servers across the nation and are happy to meet your process serving needs anywhere, anytime. We spare our clients the inconvenience of tracking down qualified servers in unfamiliar cities and states, and preclude them the hassle of following up with multiple servers in order to obtain updates. With integrity being of the upmost importance to us, we strive to handle each job as efficiently and ethically as possible.  At Kerr Civil Process, our goal is to elevate the professionalism of the industry while maintaining a standard of excellence that you can depend on every time.

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Nick Kerr entered the world of private investigation through bail bonds in 2002. He has been with Around the Clock Bail Bonds since 2005, managing all operations for each of their offices and developing a thorough knowledge of the industry. He greatly assisted with the company’s growth and success, helping them to become one of the largest in the state of Texas. After working with a plethora of attorneys, he realized that the skill set he’d developed through bail bonds went hand-in-hand with process service. In 2011, Nick founded his own process serving company, which has continued to grow over the years. Nick has extensive experience dealing with difficult, even dangerous, individuals and he specializes in locating people who do not want to be found.



Kelly Kerr has been serving papers for over a decade. She became a process server while a student at Texas A&M University to pay her way through college and, with an aptitude for process service, has continued in the industry ever since. Kelly became a licensed private investigator in 2014, gaining considerable experience in surveillance and tailing while further developing skills of critical-thinking and observation. Having lived in multiple places throughout the state of Texas, she has served in larger cities including Houston, Austin, and San Antonio as well as in smaller towns such as College Station and Midland.  There is a different tactic required for every individual to be served and Kelly’s background has provided her with the ability to quickly discern the best approach to take with each unique job.


Lonzo Kerr, Jr. is a highly organized, efficient, and detailed-oriented investigator with over 50 years of experience. First as a police detective sergeant, then through many years of serving in management positions including Regional Supervisor with the Office of Inspector General, the Director of Criminal Investigation with the Texas Department of Health, and Director of Investigations for Long Term Care with the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services, and now as a private investigator and process server. Since retiring from state employment in 2008, Lonzo opened his own investigations firm specializing in the support of litigation for attorneys including; investigations related to case preparation, locating and interviewing witnesses, obtaining statements, conducting background investigations, and collecting and reviewing evidence. Lonzo has excellent skip-tracing skills and is also a certified, adept mediator.

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Service attempts will begin within 48 hours of receipt of the service request. We will make up to four attempts at varying times and provide you with a notarized affidavit upon completion.


Service attempts will begin within 24 hours of receipt of the service request. We will make up to four attempts at varying times and provide you with a notarized affidavit upon completion.


In addition to performing background checks, we will do our best to locate any difficult-to-find individuals through skip tracing.


We are happy to provide the service of a mobile notary by appointment.

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